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PRCN4:5 is a thesis about perception trying to analyze the relationship between psychology and design. Talking about perception means also talking about senses because through them we get into contact with objects. Taste was not taken in consideration because it belongs to another field of design, 'food design'.


Therefor the thesis examines the gestures linked to sight, touch, smell and hear. The point of the research, was to design a shape able to get people to make a specific gesture linked to each sense. The focus was on the users and on how they approach towards objects.



Being a family of objects, the elements were designed following the same criteria: they have a base, a central structure and a upper part that is the main interaction area. All the objects were deliberately not providing any feedback. It was an experimental work and the final designs have been tested, people were asked a simple question: “What is the first gesture you would do with that object?” (look at the reactions here)

coworked with Giulia Fioravera. Bachelor thesis - Isia Roma Design

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